Think Water Shootout Qualifiers 2018

thinkwater200The 'Think Water Timaru' Shootout Trophy is played over 10 nominated Saturdays & is open to all members irrespective of grade.

The player with the best nett for that day wins the right to play for the trophy. The final of the Think Water Timaru Shootout for 2018 will be held in October. Winners will receive free club membership the following year.
Thanks to Grant Colliar & Think Water Timaru for supporting this event
2018 Mens Qualifiers
Date Qualifier Score
January John Dewar Nett 64 
February Dave Hutton Nett 64 
March Garry Wallace Nett 64
April Peter Bennett Nett 65
May Syd Austin Nett 61 
June John Pitchford Nett 64 
July Barry Hutcheson Nett 63 
August Rob Pelvin Nett 63 
September Paul Mullins  Nett 67
October Grant Kake Nett 61
  Winner 2018: Peter Bennett
2018 Womens Qualifiers
Date Qualifier Score
January Wendy Eaton Nett 65
February Cath Boothroyd Nett 67
March Allison Ulrich Nett 67 
April Brenda McEwen Nett 69 
May Alison Barrett Nett 66
June Mary Heckler   Nett 69 
July Chris Henriksen Nett 69
August Sue Bennett Nett 63 
September Rebecca Best Nett 65
October Mary McIlraith  Nett 68
  Winner 2018: Pauline Mack



Entries open
30 December 2018
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