Women's Winners for 2018

Club Champions
Senior Champion
Runner Up
Trish Crump
Julie Allan
Bronze 1 Champion
Runner Up
Rosa Westgarth
Diane Sutherland
Bronze 2 Champion
Runner Up
Angela Curry
Rosemary Rhodes
Bronze 3 Champion
Runner Up
LGU Buttons 
LGU button Silver
Ali Barrett
LGU button Bronze 1
Rose Allison
LGU button Bronze 2 Wendy Eaton 
LGU button Bronze 3 Gay Hendeson
 Other Trophies and Prizes
Foursome Knockout

Winners: Cath Boothroyd & Gay Henderson
Runners Up:
Rose Allison & Jan Shearer
Nancy McCormick Foursomes
Winners: Julie Allan & Rosa Westgarth
Runners Up: Ali Barrett & Heather McKerchar
Cartwright Trophy
Winners: Rosa Westgarth & Joy Wild
Runners Up: Michelle Bower & Gay Henderson
Ena McFetrich Trophy
Judith Rees
Kath Rush Trophy
Rebecca Best
Jean Clarke Trophy
Brenda McEwen
Singles Knockout
Winner: Daph Campbell   
Runner Up: Marg O'Neill
4BBB Knockout
Winners: Diane Sutherland & Daph Campbell
Runners Up: Pauline Mack & Marg O'Neill
Stableford Tray
Winner: Rosa Westgarth   
Runner Up: Michelle Bower
Hardy Cup-Wednesday Putting
Winner: Heather McKerchar
Runners Up: Heather Mills
Small-Fitzgerald Cup-Saturday Putting
Winner: Judith Rees
Runner Up: Michelle Bower
A H Giles Cup
Winner: Heather McKerchar
Runner Up: Julie Allan
Wilson Trophy(Mother & Daughter)  
Barbara Wilson-Handicap Reduction
Rosa Westgarth
Mary Orbell Cup
Winner: Marie Allnutt
Runner Up: N/A
Jean Spence Trophy
Joan Greer
J L Beck Trophy
Michelle Bower
Beverley Betts Trophy
Daph Campbell
Thinkwater Shootout Winner
Winner: Pauline Mack
Runner Up: Rose Allison
Angela Waugh Trophy
Winner: Ali Barrett
Runner Up: Trish Crump
Gay Henderson Trophy(Saturday Opening) 
Winner: Judith Rees
Runner Up: Bev Green
Joan Gray Trophy (Wednesday Opening)
Heather McKerchar & Angela Curry 
Betty Newman Trophy Summer Golf
Cath Boothroyd
Phyllis Hammond Salver
Julie Allan & Noeline Scully
EL Esler Stableford Tray Wendy Eaton
Joan MacFarlane (Wed v Sat) Wednesday
Margaret McFarlane (Wed closing day) Joy Wild &Donna McRae
Margaret McFarlane (Sat closing day) Wendy Eaton & Carolynn Darby
Wednesday:Alison Barrett, Saturday: Bev Green
Wednesday Gobblers Lee Basill
Saturday Gobblers Judith Rees
9 Holes
Senior Champion
Runner Up:
Junior Champion
Winner: Penny Davison
Runner Up: Gail McKirdy
Singles Knockout
Winner: Gail McKirdy
Runner Up: Edith Ward
Jenny Moynihan
Stableford Colleen Hollamby


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