Thinkwater Timaru Shootout

Ali Barrett is the 2019 Women's Shootout winner
Checkout all the qualifiers for the 2019 Shootout here

 Women's Club Champions 2019.

Silver: Trish Crump from Ali Barrett
Bronze 1: Rosa Westgarth from Mary McIlraith
Bronze 2: Jacqui Fisher from Daph Campbell 
Bronze 3: Harrilyn Beck from Maureen Flett

Closing Day M McFarlane Trophies 7th November

Winners over Field: J Wild & D McRae 97-36-61
Other Scores: H Love & P Taylor 61.5, N Scully & D Taylor 64, L Callon & E Marryatt 64.5 by lot,
C Boothroyd & M Glass 64.5 H McKerchar & P Milne 65, H Taylor & R Winkleman 65.5, E Simpson & M Dale 65.5,
B Davies & A McSweeney 66.
Nearest Pin: M Flett & K Manson
Twos: M Flett & K Manson, H Taylor & R Winkleman

9 Holes 2nd November

Scores: C Hollamby 19 by lot J McLaughlin 19, J Moyniham 18, G McKirdy 17.

6+6+6, 31st October

Winner over Field: J Allan 84-12-72-18
0-23: J Allan 18, H McKerchar 22, S Bennett 24
24-28: R Jamieson 20, H Mills 23, H Love 25
29-33: L Blakie 21, E Simpson 27, N Scully 29
34-54: M Hargadon 20, M Workman 26, G Henderson 27
Two: J Allan M McIlraith.
Nearest Pin: J Allan

4BBB Knockout:

D Sutherland & D Campbell defeated P Mack & M O’Neill

Singles Knockout:

D Campbell defeated M O’Neill.

Hidden Holes (7, 9, 16,) Wednesday 24th October

Winner over Field: M McIlraith 95-27-68-16=52 by lot
Other Scores: H Mills, 52, H Beck 52, H Love 53, R Jamieson 54 by lot B Mansfield 54, C Boothroyd 54, N Scully 54
Two: M McIlraith
Nearest Pin: R Westgarth

B Betts Trophy & Teams Event, Wednesday 17th October

Winner over Field: D Campbell 40 points (Chip off) from M O’Neill
3-4 Scores Team: J Allan L Basill I Palmer L Callon 115
2-3 Scores Team: M McIlraith, C Boothroyd, D Campbell 90, M O’Neill, A Ulrich G Henderson 82, H McKerchar, H Love H Mills 80
Closest Pin: C Boothroyd

9 Holes Tee to Green, Friday 19th October

Gail McKirdy 37, P Davison 40, C Harkness & V Biggs 41

Labour Day Tournament, Monday 22 October

Ladies: H Mills 41, T Putze 38, G Henderson 37, M Bower 37, B Green 36, H Taylor 33
Men's: G Shearer 42, T Hampton 40, N Newburn 40, C Taylor 39, D Mills 39, A Kelliher 38, J Shaw 37, D Milne 37 by lot from N Collins
Two’s: N Newburn, B Struthers 
Nearest the Pin: T Crump

Extra LGU & Putting 10th October

Winner over Field: R Allison 87-20-67
19-24: R Allison, A Ulrich 93-23-70, D Sutherland 95-24-71
25-30: J Green 97-28-69, H Mills 97-26-71, H Love 99-27-72
31-40: N Scully 104-33-71, A Whitley 104-32-72, P Barrie 107-34-73 by lot D Campbell 104-31-73
41-54: S Hutcheson 113-43-70, H Beck 115-41-74
Putting: D Campbell 28, R Allison 29, G Henderson 29.
Nearest Pin: C Boothroyd.
Two: D Sutherland

Final of Club Champs - 30 September 

Silver: T Crump defeated J Allan 2up
Bronze 1: R Westgarth defeated D Sutherland 3/2
Bronze 2: A Curry defeated R Rhodes
Bronze 3: G Henderson.

Stableford - Temuka Visit 29th September

Trophy: Pleasant Point 35.9 Temuka 31.2 
Temuka Scores: J Bolitho 38, P Taylor 36, R Will 34, N Donoghue 34.
Pleasant Point: B Green 40 by lot A Whitley 40, S Bennett 40 J Rees 37 by lot S Kake 37.
Hole in Two: T Crump
Nearest Pin: M Bower


Tom Coutts

It is with sadness that
I report that Tom Coutts 
has passed away.
Those who knew him
will miss him very much
He was an Honorary
member of the club for
several years due to
his many years of volunteering.
Many players will remember
seeing him in his red
truck around the course.

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