Thinkwater Timaru Shootout

Pauline Mack is the 2018 Women's Shootout winner
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Women's Club Champions 2018.

Silver: Trish Crump from Julie Allan
Bronze 1: Rose Westgarth from Diane Sutherland
Bronze 2: Angela Curry from Rosemary Rhodes
Bronze 3: Gay Henderson


Final of Club Champs - 30 September 

Silver: T Crump defeated J Allan 2up
Bronze 1: R Westgarth defeated D Sutherland 3/2
Bronze 2: A Curry defeated R Rhodes
Bronze 3: G Henderson.

Stableford - Temuka Visit 29th September

Trophy: Pleasant Point 35.9 Temuka 31.2 
Temuka Scores: J Bolitho 38, P Taylor 36, R Will 34, N Donoghue 34.
Pleasant Point: B Green 40 by lot A Whitley 40, S Bennett 40 J Rees 37 by lot S Kake 37.
Hole in Two: T Crump
Nearest Pin: M Bower


South Canterbury Anniversary Day Stableford, Monday 24 September

Ladies: A Thompson 36 points, B McEwen 26
Men: B Struthers 38, L Cullen 38, J Shaw 38
Twos: E McKerchar
Nearest the pin number 16: B Struthers.

Jean Spence Trophy Medal 26th Sept

Winner over Field: J Greer 98-28-70
Other Scores: J Allan 83-12-71 by lot R Westgarth 93-22-71 A Barrett 86-14-72, P Mack 98-25-73, S Washington 115-42-73.
Stableford: L Blakie 41, S Kake 36 by lot J Shearer 36, A Curry 36, W Eaton 35, J Rees 34 by lot H Taylor 34, R Rhodes 34 by lot M Bloomfield
Two: R Westgarth
Nearest Pin: H Taylor

Wed V Sat Ladies Stableford 15th Sept

Winner over Field & J MacFarlane Trophy: M Bower 42 pts.
Other scores: H Mills 40, J Greer 39, B McEwen 37, J Rees 34.
Shield: Sat Ladies 33.28, Wed Ladies 32.57

White/Yellow Tees Stableford 12th Sept

Winner over Field: M Bower 35
Other scores: J Allan 34, M O’Neill 34, L Blakie 34, J Rees 33, W Eaton 32, A Ulrich 31, S Kake 31
Yellow Tees:
P Barrie 38, B Mansfield 34, S Hutcheson 34
Nearest Pin: A Ulrich

McBride Trophy, Mixed Combine Stableford, Sunday 9 September

Winner of the trophy: D & M Sutherland 73 points
Other score: H & C Taylor 71, B & I McEwen 69
Twos: I McEwen

9 Hole Tournament 7th September

Senior 0-45.4
Best Nett:  R McComb (Highfield) 52-16-36
Stableford: I Porter (Waimate) 18, J Moynihan (Pleasant Point) 17 by lot M Farquharson (Highfield) 17,
G Hamilton (Geraldine) 16, P Davison (Pleasant Point) 16, G Smith (Waimate) 16
Junior 45.5-54.4
Best Nett: V Biggs (Pleasant Point) 58-23-35
Stableford: J Jones (Geraldine) 19, A O’Donoughue (Waimate) 19, C Liggett (Taieri Lakes) 19,
I McDonald (Pleasant Point) 19, E Ward (Pleasant Point) 19, E Shutt (Pleasant Point) 17
Nearest Pin Senior: I Porter (Waimate)
Junior: C Hollamby (Pleasant Point)
Longest Drive: Taieri Lakes
Gobblers: I McDonald (Pleasant Point) K Walker (Taieri Lakes)

10th LGU & Shootout 5th Sept

Winner over Field: M McIlraith 98-30-68
0-18: B Green 90-15-75 19-24: R Westgarth 94-23-71, C Boothroyd 98-21-77
25-30: M McIlraith 68, H Mills 100-28-72, W Eaton 102-30-72, R Jamieson 98-25-73
31-40: L Blakie 102-32-70, N Scully 106-32-74, B Betts 110-34-76, G Henderson 115-39-74
41-54: H Beck
Twos: J Allan, R Jamieson.
Nearest Pin: J Allan


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