Women's Winners 2018 Aorangi Motors Sponsored teams Tournament.  Dot's Girls - Trish Crump, Dorothy Southby, Diane Sutherland, Brenda McEwen

Thinkwater Timaru Shootout

Pauline Mack is the 2018 Women's Shootout winner
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Women's Club Champions 2018.

Silver: Trish Crump from Julie Allan
Bronze 1: Rose Westgarth from Diane Sutherland
Bronze 2: Angela Curry from Rosemary Rhodes
Bronze 3: Gay Henderson


Bisque Par, 8 March

Best Score of the Day: L Basill 111-43-68 10up
0-22: H McKerchar 5up, by lot R Westgarth 5up, D Sutherrland 5up H Mills 4up
23-27: R Rhodes 7up, R Jamieson 5 up, C Henriksen 3up
28-35: I Palmer 9up, H Taylor 6up by lot G Henderson, S Hutcheson 6up, M McIlwraith 6up
36-54: L Basill 10up, L Divan 9up, M Allnutt 7up by lot B Mansifield 7up M Flett 5up

Teams Qualifying Medal, 1 March

Best Score of the Day: L Blakie 98-29-69
0-22: R Allison 88-18-70, B Green 83-11-72, T Crump 83-10-73, D Sutherland 94-20-74
23-27: C Henriksen 96-26-70, M O’Neill 97-26-71, R Rhodes 99-27-72
28-35: L Blakie 98-29-69, H Taylor 105-32-73 by lot I Palmer 107-34-73, D Campbell 102-28-74
36-54: M Allnutt 110-40-70, F Highsted 113-42-71 by lot L Basill 114-43-71, M Bloomfield 111-38-73
National Team: R Allison, M O’Neill, R Rhodes, T Crump
Nearest Pin: H McKerchar

E.L. Esler Trophy,  Stableford 22nd February

Best Score of the Day: L Blakie 91-30-61, 47 pts.
0-22: M Bower 41, A Ulrich 38, H McKerchar 36 by lot C Boothroyd and R Allison.
23-27: A Curry 37.
28-54: L Blakie 47, S Kake 36, D Southby 35, E Simpson 34.
Twos: Saturday: M Bower

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