Thinkwater Timaru Shootout

Pauline Mack is the 2018 Women's Shootout winner
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Women's Club Champions 2018.

Silver: Trish Crump from Julie Allan
Bronze 1: Rose Westgarth from Diane Sutherland
Bronze 2: Angela Curry from Rosemary Rhodes
Bronze 3: Gay Henderson


Bev Betts Trophy/Teams Stableford 4th October

Best Score: A Barrett 39 pts
Teams 3: Beema: M Davis, B Betts, M O’Neill 78 on  count back from
Teachers Pet: R Best, D Sutherland, N Scully 78,
Julie’s Team: J Allan, P Mack, L Callon 77
Teams 4: Top Guns: A Barrett, R Rhodes, L Roy, S Hutcheson 117,
Rreg-As: R Westgarth, R Harper, G Henderson, E Simpson 116
Twos: A Barrett (3)
Nearest Pin: J Wills (Australia)

9 Holes, Putting 29th September

Scores: C Harkness 14, I McDonald 16, A Mounsey 17

9 Holes, Most 23 Putts 15th September

Scores: Elaine Shutt, G McKirdy, C Harkness, C Hollamby

Jean Spence Trophy Final 27 September

Best Score and Trophy winner: M O’Neill 100-32-68
0-30: H McKerchar 94-23-71, H Mills 101-28-73 on count back from C Boothroyd 96-23-73, A Barrett 87-13-74
31-54: M O’Neill 100-32-68, A Curry 107-32-75, G Henderson 116-38-78
0-54: R Rhodes 35, L Basill 33, M Heckler 31 on count back from I Palmer 31
Twos: D Southby, E Simpson.
Nearest Pin: R Rhodes

Stableford  White Tees, 23 September

Scores: J Rees 31, B McEwen 29
Yellow Tees: H Mills 30, M Heckler 28
Two: B McEwen

9 Hole Jingles 22 September

Scores: J Moynihan 13 on count back from J McLaughlin 13, C Hollamby 12 on count back from C Harkness 12


Stableford, 20 September

White Tees: J Allan 35, R Westgarth 28, M Heckler 27, G Henderson 25
Yellow Tees: N Scully 33, R Rhodes 32, I Palmer 30, A Whitley 29, H Mills 29

Wednesday v Saturday Stableford,  16 September

Best Score: A Barrett 37 points on count back
Other Scores: B McEwen 37, H Love 36 on count back from, G Henderson 36, H Mills 36
Wednesday players won this years trophy with 32.6 over Saturday players, 28.6
Kath Rush Trophy: T Crump in playoff against N Scully


Par Round 13th September

Best Score of the Day: M O’Neill 96-33-63 7 up
0-22: M Heckler 1 up, J Allan 1 down
23-27: H McKerchar 91-23-68 4 up, S Kake 3up, H Love 2up on count back D Sutherland 2 up
28-35: M O’Neill 7 up, A Curry 2up on count back N Scully 2up, R Harper 2up, G Henderson 107-40-67 5 up
Twos: M O’Neill, D Sutherland
Closest Pin: R Westgarth.

9 Hole Multiplied Stablefords 8th September

Scores: G McKirdy & I McDonald 19, C Harkness & A Mounsey 16, E Ward & C Hollamby 15

10th LGU & 10th Washington Pumps Timaru Shootout 6 September 

Best Score of the Day & Winner of Shootout: Ali Barrett 82-14-68
0-18: A Barrett 82-14-68, T Crump 86-12-74 19-24, C Boothroyd 95-24-71, H McKerchar 97-23-74
25-30: B McEwen 101-26-75
31-40: A Curry 104-33-71, M O'Neill 102-37-75 count back from R Harper 102-37-75
41-54: G Henderson 113-41-72
Twos: R Harper
Nearest the Pin: A Barrett

McBride Trophy, mixed combined stableford, Sunday 3 September

Trophy winners: G Henderson & C Curtis 80 points, T Crump & D Gilkison 70 points

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