Thinkwater Timaru Shootout

Ali Barrett is the 2019 Women's Shootout winner
Checkout all the qualifiers for the 2019 Shootout here

 Women's Club Champions 2019.

Silver: Trish Crump from Ali Barrett
Bronze 1: Rosa Westgarth from Mary McIlraith
Bronze 2: Jacqui Fisher from Daph Campbell 
Bronze 3: Harrilyn Beck from Maureen Flett

11.3.20 2nd LGU & Shootout Qualifier

Best Score of the day & Shootout winner: Wendy Eaton 93-27-66
0-18: B Green 84-10-74 c/b J Allan 86-12-74
19-25: J Rees 94-24-70, H McKerchar 92-21-71, C Boothroyd 92-21-71, A Guthrie 94-22-72, S Kake 93-20-73
26-31: W Eaton 93-27-66, H Taylor 104-31-73, D Campbell 101-27-74, N Scully 105-28-75
32-40: M Flett 110-39-71, B Betts 109-37-72, L Callon 110-35-75
Twos: B Green No 8, D Roddick No 4, M O'Neill No 16, A Curry No 16
NTP: D Roddick

Tom Coutts

It is with sadness that
I report that Tom Coutts 
has passed away.
Those who knew him
will miss him very much
He was an Honorary
member of the club for
several years due to
his many years of volunteering.
Many players will remember
seeing him in his red
truck around the course.

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