Thinkwater Timaru Shootout

Ali Barrett is the 2019 Women's Shootout winner
Checkout all the qualifiers for the 2019 Shootout here

 Women's Club Champions 2019.

Silver: Trish Crump from Ali Barrett
Bronze 1: Rosa Westgarth from Mary McIlraith
Bronze 2: Jacqui Fisher from Daph Campbell 
Bronze 3: Harrilyn Beck from Maureen Flett

13-11-2019 Stableford

Winner over Field: P Mack 90-25-65 43
0-23: R Allison 38 J Allan 36
24-28: P Mack 43 H Mills 35 M O'Neill 35
29-36: A Whitley 36 E Simpson 35
37-54: M Allnutt 32
NTP: M McIlraith

9-11-2019 Margaret McFarlane Trophy Saturday Closing Day

Winners of the Margaret McFarlane Trophy: M Bower/T Knight 66, 2nd: M Bloomfield/B McEwen 69,
3rd: W Eaton/J Hamer 70

8-11-2019 9 hole Irish Stablefords

1st: J Moynihan V Biggs 54
2nd: C Morrison J Wild 36
3rd: C Harkness G Thompson 30

6-11-2019 Margaret McFarlane Closing Day American Foursomes

Winners of Margaret McFarlane Trays: R Westgarth/ A Morrison 66 Best
Score of the Day: H Mills/A Curry 61.5 A Ulrich/J Goodhew 66.5 B Betts/R Harper 67.5
NTP: H McKerchar/P Milne
Twos: H Mills/A Curry

30-10-2019 6+6+6

Competition Winner over the field: M Davis 21 c/b C McGregor 21, H Mills 21, A Curry 21, R Westgarth 21,
H Beck 22 c/b N Scully 22, J Greer 23 c/b M Workman 23
NTP: R Westgarth

Labour Day Stableford, 28 October

Women: S Kake 40 points, B McEwen 39, R Allison 37
Men: T Johnson 45, I McEwen 41, A Kelliher 40, J Shaw 39, M Hargadon 38, B Christian 37, C Taylor 37
Twos: I McEwen, A Kelliher, P Irvine, B McEwen
Nearest the pin number 16: T Crump

23-10-2019 Hidden Holes

Winner over the field: E Simpson 55 c/b
2nd: C Telfer 55
3rd: G Henderson 56 c/b
4th: M Davis 56
5th: J Fisher 56
6th: J Rees 56
7th: H McKerchar 56
8th: B Betts 57 c/b
9th: R McDonald 57 P Mack 57
NTP: P Mack

16-10-2019 Bev Betts Trophy Teams Stableford

Winner of the Bev Betts Trophy: Bonnie Mansfield and Daphne Campbell 38
Stablefords: H McKerchar 37, J Allan 37, D Sutherland 37
Teams Stableford: 1st: M O'Neill, A Curry, M Workman 83, 2nd: P Mack, B Betts, M Allnutt 80,
3rd: D Sutherland, M Flett, S Jamieson 79,  4th: (on count back), R Westgarth, R Harper, D Campbell 79
NTP: L Roy
Twos: M McIlraith No 4

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